Project: Branding
Website Link:

Description: is a collection of Podcast and other media creators focusing around nerdy topics that include movies, television, video games, and more. Branding is an essential part of their strategy as having an easily recognizable and eye-popping look is imperitive to making sure people remember about your creations. It all started with a faux-art image of a popular sci-fi universes creature named BadWampa and a simple, but catchy color scheme.

Project:The Boop Scoop Overwatch Podcast
Website Link:  **WEBSITE NAME AND LINK**

Description: The Boop Scoop is a podcast hosted and created by A strong, Lucio (an Overwatch character and thematic name-sake of the podcast) based image for their iTunes cover art and a promotional Facebook cover was essential.

Project: Boomer - Profile
Website Link: Boomer09411 on Twitch

Description: is a video game-related streaming service where users can play games of all sorts for audiences around the world. Branding is a huge part of having a successful profile as it provides that air of professionalism required to warrant fans donating money toward the entertainers they are watching. For, that includes a banner displayed at the top of a profile, an offline image that displays where the streamer isn't currently playing live, and header images for informational topics.

Project:The Wampaslayer Podcast
Website Link:  The Wampaslayer Podcast on iTunes

Description:The flagship podcast of Clear positioning of the BadWampa icon, bold bold lettering, and decorative "audio" blocks tie this design together.