Jan 03

Having a Kid Equals Free Photography Practice

In 2019, something life-changing and amazing happened. My wife and I had a child, Claire, and since having her I realize that my life will never be the same. I’m barely 6 months in and I already see all the things in my life are different now. In some ways, I just don’t have the time anymore and barely get to partake (farewell, Overwatch addiction). In other areas, I’ve had to think of ways to include her: I’m finding that photography is one of those areas (and no, it’s quite as industrious as the title may come off). For example, Christmas just happened and since this was Claire’s first, we really wanted to take some special photos. There is nothing quite like the illuminating soft, warm light of a Christmas tree and just doing a quick Google search for “baby christmas photo” will give you a PLETHORA of examples. And what sort of self-respecting “amateur” photographer would I be if I didn’t try to do it myself, right? The results were pretty decent, but I learned some really strong lessons, both for next year and in general to improve that skill level in photography Lights are bright but not how […]