Women in eSports: Another Snub with the Overwatch League?

As much of the nerdy world knows, Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch League launched this past week and as a fan of the game, it has not disappointed. In just the first week we’ve seen the supposed underdogs shine (here’s looking at you, Philadelphia Fusion – well played!), heavyweight teams get shut down, big stars absolutely dominate matches, high-quality production value entertainment, and of course, it wouldn’t be an Overwatch professional setup without teams of Koreans just decimating opponents. There's not much else the OWLs can do better at this point. …or is there?

No Man’s Sky – The Positives

If you have been paying attention to any of the media surrounding the latest open-universe space game, No Man’s Sky, you’ve surely noticed that it has been rather negative. Many things promised by the game’s developer, Hello Games, weren't exactly delivered as the community had expected. The biggest and most recent of these controversies came about when two players actually found each other in game. This is something the Hello Games has mentioned would be an astronomically rare occurrence, though not impossible. The fact that it happened so soon wasn’t the issue - as probabilities don’t always predict outcomes - but the players were unable to see or interact with each other at all! This was a complete let down and something that Hello Games hasn’t fully addressed yet.

Spider-Man: A 15 Year Review

The year is 2002 and a young Jason is sitting in the midst of high school’s senior year. Yes, high school, that time for many that is regarded as the best years of your life and for the rest of us: that really awkward stage of life where nothing fits – including your own skin – and every literal and metaphoric move you make is the clunkiest, most seemingly-outlandish personal event that could occur, only to be outdone by your very next move (can you tell that high school was not filled with my most shining moments. If this isn’t setting the stage for my next point, I have no idea what would.

The SNES RPGs You Have to Play

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a product of SNES roleplaying game generation. Those were my favorite games of all time and I could play them for hours and hours without getting board. Honestly, this is probably why my eyesight is so poor as I would spend 12-18 hours a day during the summer staring at an incredibly small and incredibly fuzzy television. But it was all worth it.

Juno: The Story So Far

If you are like me, you are a huge space nerd and the study of planets in our solar system is incredibly fascinating. Just the mere thought that we have man-made objects acting as our eyes and ears all over the solar system just fills me with a sense of wonder and curiosity that is pretty hard to put into words. When NASA landed the Curiosity Rover on Mars, for example, I was the guy jumping up and down and screaming like a child with all the JPL (the Jet Propulsion Laboratory) guys that we’ve seen in the celebratory videos. Well, NASA and the JPL just entered the most exciting phase of their latest venture: the Juno spacecraft has successfully achieved orbit around the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter.

A Comet Almost Killed Us All, But Not Really…

May 12th, 2016 something incredibly silent happened near to (or far from, depending on your perspective) our planet. It seems a comet (named 252P/LINEAR), roughly 100-400 meters in size, came closer to Earth than any other comet in recorded history. This sounds insanely frightening, right? A fast moving celestial object, around the size of a typical suburban neighborhood block or two, came closer than any other object of its classification to colliding with our fragile planet! Well, I have good news and I have bad news.