So I took the plunge and I’ve started selling my work on Etsy.

If you’re new to my life, hi! I’ve been practicing photography for almost a decade and haven’t really done anything more “business-wise” then a few practice sessions with friends as gifts, some white elephant gift submissions around the holidays, and endless photos of my child we had in 2019. I have a backlog of tons of photos that have rarely seen the light of day beyond my friends on Instagram, which sort of segues into how this all started. Basically with this photo:

One of my IRL friends saw and, well, read the comment above. They wanted to buy it and hang it on a wall. This wasn’t the first time this has happened and in the last couple of weeks since being laid off from my day job (boo!) I’ve heard it quite a few times to different degrees. So if you put all of that together, I have a bunch of decent (I hope) photographs and my friends (at least some) would be willing to purchase them. Win-win, right? That’s all you need for a business plan, no?

So that is where we’re at. I have an Etsy shop and I’d love if you went to check it out once in a while. I’ll be uploading more and more of my backlog and whatever new stuff I photograph that makes the cut, too. Just for the fun of it, use “STARTER20” at checkout for 20% off your entire order (not combinable with other offers, coupon expires Oct 1 @ 12am Eastern).

Check out my Etsy page here and I hope you find something that you like! Huge shoutout to my friend who was the tipping point and for giving me my first purchase, much love!